Package Delivery and Mail in High Rise Condominiums

Mail Delivery at High Rise condominiums

Like any other home, residents living in high rise condominiums have their own mailboxes where they can receive mail and packages. Locked Mailboxes for residents are usually located near the lobby of the high-rise and can be picked up at anytime. There is a bit of lag between when mail is delivered to the building and when it gets sorted out into all the individual mail boxes – so mail isn’t always available exactly when the mail man arrives. There’s usually an outbox where condominium residents can drop off outgoing mail – which makes sending mail very easy at a high rise.

Package Delivery at High Rise Condominiums

Package delivery in High-rise condominiums is a bit different than receiving packages at a regular home. Delivery companies such as UPS and Fedex do not normally bring packages to your door, but instead drop them off at the high-rise lobby front desk area. The front desk will sign for all of your packages and store them in a secure place. Upon receiving a package, the front desk will call you letting you know a package has arrived. You can then simply pick up the package at your convenience from the front desk and bring it to your unit. Larger packages can be brought up using a service elevator – and every High-Rise condominium building has one. Most front desk employees will even bring packages to your unit, so it’s super convenient.

Furniture Delivery at High Rise Condominiums

Furniture can be delivered to a high-rise condominium through the building’s loading dock area. Residents are then free to bring the furniture to their unit up themselves using hand-trucks. Delivery men are only allowed to bring furniture upstairs and into your unit if they have the proper amount of insurance. So if you plan on moving into a high rise, make sure the moving company you hire has the proper documents needed to be able to deliver into your unit. If you want to bring things from the loading dock into your unit yourself, you can always do that without any hassles. So if you plan on moving into a high rise, make sure your moving company like United Van Lines has the proper documents needed to be able to deliver into your unit.

Living in a high rise is a luxury, not a hassle. I’ve personally been living in Sky Las Vegas for over a year now and the staff here is incredibly friendly – so if you ever have a specific question about mail or furniture delivery, simply call the front desk or sales office of the High Rise Condominium you’re interested in.